Pioneer KURO PDP-6010FD 60″ Plasma HDTV

March 12, 2008 by  


Pioneer PDP-6010FD 60″ Diagonal 1080p Plasma HDTV TV

If you’ve always wanted to own the best plasma television available, then you should know that Pioneer, which makes the designer-label of plasma televisions, plans to exit the market with these amazing high-end TVs. Although, Pioneer will stop making plasma televisions, they will continue making great LCD televisions, so if you have your heart set on a plasma you’ll need to be prepared to buy your Pioneer plasma television soon.

This KURO PDP-6010FD is more than just a 60″ plasma television, because it produces an on-screen picture that transports you directly into the action of everything you watch. With its room light sensor, the PDP-6010FD has the ability to produce the deepest blacks and the brightest whites no matter how the room lighting changes. The Pioneer KURO PDP-6010FD has all the connection features you expect like a port for your computer and USB port for other electronics like cameras and media players. You’ll also get features not found on other sets that include a CableCARD connector and subwoofer output with detachable speaker system. With features like these and many more, you’ll understand why the Pioneer KURO plasma is the ultimate in television viewing.

This is a plasma television that not only produces great sound and crisp video images, but will look great in any media room, even when it’s turned off. Don’t wait too long to buy the Pioneer KURO PDP-6010FD 60″ HDTV, because you’ll want to own the television that set a new standard by which all others plasma TVs are measured before they’re all gone. With this TV you can expect to spend plenty of quality time getting reacquainted with your favorite shows and movies.

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