Get The AOC Envision L42H761 42″ LCD HDTV For Less Than $1000

July 2, 2008 by  


AOC Envision L42H761 42″ LCD HDTV

If you’re looking for an LCD television but are worried that you’ll never find one in your price range, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty flat screen televisions that are very affordable. Even on a limited budget you won’t have to settle for a small screen, because you can buy a 42″ widescreen television for under $1000. The Envision L42H761 is a full HD capable television that delivers 1080p resolution and provides you with wide angle viewing, so you’ll enjoy watching everything from just about any position in your room. This AOC LCD television has a sleek design with advanced connectivity features that will fit in perfectly with any existing home theater system in both style and capability. As television broadcasts and will be going digital next year, you’ll be ready for the switch as this 42″ AOC Envision comes with a built-in digital tuner. With the L42H761, you’ll also be able to connect your computer, game consoles, digital cameras as well as DVD and Blu-ray disc players that will allow for you to make better use of this digital television than could ever imagine with your old TV set. If it sounds like you’re getting a lot of high technology in a thin television that measures only a few inches deep at an exceptionally low price, you’re right and you won’t find this deal in your local store. So if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a new flat screen television for under $1000, then you’ll want to buy the AOC Envision L42H761 42″ LCD HDTV and see how stunning television can be when you’re watching in HD.

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