The Benefits Of Owning A Plasma TV

August 3, 2008 by  

With flat panel technology, the Plasma TV is just one of choices to consider before purchasing your next high defintion television. Although they were initially the more expensive choice, one of the prime features of a Plasma TV is its realtively lower cost compared to LCDs. You can easily own your next Plasma television for as little as, and sometimes well below, $1000 depending on the size you want. The designer appeal and greatest benefit in these televisions are their super large screen sizes that can average 50″ diagonally and are often much larger, but are also available in smaller screen sizes as well. Although some people may feel that they are somewhat more expensive than their previously owned telvision sets, these TVs offer a better and bigger screen, clearer images and more desirable features that allow for connecting to other digital devices.

The most striking feature is how slim this television is with a depth that can be as little as three inches thick, and are continually becoming thinner almost every few years. Even with such a shallow depth, you’ll get a wider screen with a greater viewing angle giving you the pleasure to watch from just about every corner of your room. Plasma televisions can also achieve darker blacks which means that the brightness and color contrast is greater as well, and will make for a sharper more crisp onscreen image. With a life-span that is more than 10 years before the set reaches half brightness, which is similar to what you’d expect from your standard CRT, you’ll be ready for your next television upgrade. These features are part of the benefit in having a true home theater experience with a Plasma TV from merely just watching television.

In years past, the only real problem that could occur over prolonged initial use of a Plasma television is the minor chance for burn-in, which is the ghosting of an image onscreen. This is a problem that has been readily resolved by the manufacturers and easily avoidable by keeping the contrast low during the first 100 hours of use. As well, the native resolution compared to similar sized LCD televisions was lower, but it’s comparable in dynamic resolution, so you will still be viewing amazingly clear images. With the trending fall in prices, the Plasma TV is an even more desirable choice for a flat panel home theater screen, and the technology is constantly being improved further adding to its value in the dramatic improvement of picture quality. Even with more improvements on the horizon, you’ll find that a plasma television is an affordable and attractive alternative to your current television today.

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