Stumbling economy to hurt HDTV sales?

October 14, 2008 by  

Unless you’ve just walked out of a cave the last few weeks, you’ve heard the struggles the economy all over the world has had of late, mostly in the US, but the UK and Japan have been having their troubles as well. Typically, discretionary spending on luxury items usually is the first thing hit in these types of situations, and that includes spending on fancy TV’s.

According to recent reports from various sources, the last few weeks has seen a rather sharp drop in HDTV sales. This is due to several things: people gearing up for Christmas spending, and the time of year (not a huge time of year typically for high end electronics sales), but its due to a very important thing that might not be so temporary: people are scared to spend (and justifiably so in some cases) large amounts of money on a purely luxury item like an LCD or Plasma TV due to having less money on hand due to the economic crisis, layoffs, company resizing, retirement income lost from broker closures, etc.

We’ll keep an eye on things and the sales numbers as they come in, but for now: the outlook for the holiday season might be none too rosey. Lower prices will hopefully balance out this trend over time.

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