Six common showroom mistakes when buying an HDTV

November 26, 2008 by  

There will be many people going out shopping for a loved one (or themselves) for the holiday season, and grabbing an HDTV may appeal to many shoppers this year with the price drops. Here are 6 tips to help you make the best choice:

1. Make sure of what kind of content each set is playing in the showroom. 1080p, blu-ray, standard def, DVD, whatever. Some store draw you to the more expensive sets by playing different (and better-looking) content on them. Ask if you aren’t sure.

2. Ask how the sets are hooked up, or look yourself. Some stores vary the way they’re connected; composite-cable connections tend to not look as good as HDMI connections.

3. In bright stores, LCDs tend to look brighter (and more attractive) than plasma sets do–especially since most manufacturers ship them with brightness at its highest setting. Ask to adjust the brightness settings in the store.

See this article for even more tips on choosing the best TV.

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