LG to unveil 480hz Trumotion LCD HDTV models

January 2, 2009 by  

trumotionCES 2009 is shaping up to be a big event for many major tech companies, regardless of any whispers of a recession that may be floating in the air. Even if this CES is reported to be much less grand than previous affairs, it’s all the better, as companies will stick to the basics of what the show is all about: the new gadgets that will grace living rooms in the years to come.

LG’s TV division has just announced its first Trumotion 480Hz LCD HDTV panel that that will feature 480 refresh rate per second that will truly speed up the delivery of true-life images on TV’s and usher in a new era of flat-panel TV quality without sacrificing speed or the handling of high-action images.

According to LG, this new LCD TV panel will use ‘scanning backlight’ tech that allows a backlight to be turned on and off to reduce motion blur, to the naked eye anyway. When used with their own 240 Hz technology they’ve already perfected, the display is able to hit a astounding refresh rate of 480 images per second.

This new model will feature 4ms response time, as well as reduced energy consumption due to the way the TV is designed, with power usage almost half that of traditional LCD units.

It is scheduled to be released for retail consumption towards the middle of 2009, but CES will be its unveiling. We will of course keep you updated as the relevant news as its released. This TV could be very big for the future of the HDTV industry.

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