Surprise?: Amazon best-selling HDTV’s dominated by Samsung

January 4, 2009 by  

51thz77dql_ss400_1If you’ve glanced at Amazon and their best-sellers for the HDTV category, despite the presence of Sony, Sharp and Panasonic (among others), the top-seller list is dominated by 5 consecutive Samsung models, then the Sharp Aquos. Odd considering that isn’t really true in stores, and Amazon had been offering a few side benefits with buying a Samsung (a $200 certificate for example) that don’t really account for the dominance in the rankings.

It’s led by the very solid “red touch” Samsung 46″ 120hz LN46A650 pictured here and sold here for a little over $1,500 (their “secret price”), and followed by their 32″ model, and then two 52″ models. The ratings by customers are almost all 5 stars, and this isn’t like many sites where the people rating the stuff aren’t the most knowledgable; these are some pretty tech-savvy people overall.

The full current list (updated every hour) is located here.

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