CES Report: 2009 will be seen as HDTV and retail “Darwinism”

January 8, 2009 by  

ap_hdtv2_070428_mnBased on the discussions being held at CES 2009 (namely the annual TWICE roundtable), this coming year will be seen for two things: The transition from analog to digital TV, which will help move the discussion of TV to HDTV (they’ll be one in the same, for all intents and purposes). No doubt the coming digital transition in February is fueling flat-panel sales quite a bit the last 6 months or so, even over the holidays, which were some of the dreariest in recent memory for many retailers.

Secondly, it will be a Darwinian period for many retailers, including HDTV providers, as the market slowly evolves and weeds out the weaker retail entities. It’s been compared to the end of the VCR boom, and it will be a merciless few months for the tech retail sector. Only the strongest will survive, but in the end, the consumer will win, with better feature sets for less money than ever before, and the quality and availability of HDTV will continue to grow.

We’ll continue to be here and report any new developments that become available.

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