Corporate Shame – and Hope: DisplaySearch predicts half of flat-panels will be “green” within 2 years

January 23, 2009 by  

11-7-08-vizio_eco_tv_320_450While Energy Star 3.0 compatibility has become more of a rallying cry for many companies this coming model year, there are a few companies that have quite a way to go in the “green” area of company responsibility.

DisplaySearch, a HDTV and display research company, indicated that only 20% of LCD and Plasma display shipments had any “green” features at all, which is a pretty sad number considering the rate the planet is coming apart right now. Good news though: they expect that to rise to 50% by 2011 and 70% by 2012, which sounds much better, though it should be a around 50% already.

So what features indicate a “green” TV? It needs to fit one of the following conditions, quoted from the Energy Star guidelines: “Use environmentally friendly components and materials; achieve lower power consumption by using new components or technologies; be compliant with environmental regulations such as waste disposal; use production processes that reduce energy and materials consumed; or be completely or partially recyclable after useful life or use green or eco-friendly concepts in product design”

Bear in mind, it just has to do ONE of those things in that list. That’s hardly an insurmountable goal, really, and it’s just plan lazy and irresponsible to not have at least 50% of TV’s do ONE of those things. Thankfully, it appears more companies are taking the time and effort to meet more of these guidelines.

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