PR disaster in the making: DTV delay act now detailed a little further

January 23, 2009 by  

big-changeSenator Jay Rockefeller seems behind the bill in Congress to delay the DTV transition from Feb. 17th to June 12th, in the latest embarrassment for the DTV movement in the US. The latest Nielsen stats do point out that over 6+ million homes are not DTV ready, but it doesn’t detail how many of those really care about it. If they haven’t acted already, they probably don’t care very much, with all the coverage on the subject.

Yet, Congress seems ready to approve this delay, with a nod to stations that have started to take down their analog equipment already: stations locally have the option of switching over to digital on the Feb. date or sooner than June, if they wish to. So some areas may still switch over sooner, so it may best for those still stuck with rabbit ears to get their acts together and get ready for the switch, because it will (eventually) happen.

Congress did say this would more than likely be “the last delay barring emergencies” if this does happen.

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