Animated HD Goodness: The Simpsons and South Park finally debuting in HD

January 25, 2009 by  

1-25-09-simpsonsThe Simpsons is truly the longest-running sitcom style show of all time, now in its 20th season. Very much hard to believe, and until now, the episodes weren’t in HD. According to FOX, starting on February 15th, the show will be mastered and broadcasted in HD (1080i).

It’s one of a number of shows now shot in HD format. The majority of new dramas and shows from major networks are now shot in widescreen HD by default, which is a very welcome trend. Many pundits predict that by 2011 or so, 90% of networks will shoot everything in full HD by default and with the digital transition, TV for everyone will be shown with much better quality picture and sound.

Rumors are that South Park will do the same this coming season. Hopefully the other top animated show, Family Guy, will follow suit at some point.

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