New Report: “Significant gap” between HDTV ownership and HDTV usage

January 26, 2009 by  

hdtvResearch firm In-Stat (they do a lot of tech surveys, so its fairly relevant) is back with brand new numbers on the amount of HDTV owners vs. actually viewing shows in HD, and there’s still a pretty big chasm between the two. Too large for the format to grow as much as it could.

The report states that the “number of US HDTV households, defined as households having both an installed HD-capable TV set and also receiving and watching HD programming, increased by almost 40% in 2008.”

The sadder thing is, it could have been even better.

Of 39 million homes that have an HDTV, only 22 million actually subscribe to any form of HD programming, and that’s a crying shame. What’s the point? As far as the world goes, it warms our hearts to see that HDTV homes rose from 29 million at the end of 2007 to 36 million when 2008 was done, but it may be a few years before Europe in general hits 10 million HDTV homes.

The fact is, more consumers need to be educated as to the wonders of HD programming, and maximizing the potential of their TV’s. Otherwise, you might as well just buy a regular ol’ tube TV or one of those older projection things.

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