BD-Live: Will it ever take off?

January 27, 2009 by  

4-3-08-walk_hard_bd_liveLet’s be honest: BD-Live has pretty much been a failure overall. Two things have factored in to keep interest down: 2.0 players are now very inexpensive and easily available, but the main obstacle is that the content hasn’t been awe-inspiring, even for owners of high-end HDTVs to feast on. According to reports on several sites, that may be changing in 2009, as several providers are gearing to provide more content.

Lionsgate is planning to open its own BD-Live portal (named Lionsgate Live) which will offer filmmaker interviews, ring tones and other similar material. More studios plan on focusing on the discs to add more BD Live content and make it easier to access. Time will tell if this is effective or not.

2009 is more than likely a watershed year for BD-Live; if consumers don’t take to it by 2010 or so, odds are it will slowly die off. Widgets in HDTV are all the rage at the recent CES a few weeks back, so who knows: that trend could help BD-Live gain a new foothold.


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