Outdoor HDTV joy: Pantel releases outdoor HDTV mount

February 17, 2009 by  

2-16-09-pantel-standYes, some of us prefer our HDTV indulgence outdoors in the fresh air, and those will be will overjoyed to find out there’s an outdoor TV mount released by Pantel, a company specializing in water-proof/spill-proof outdoor HDTV units.

These mounts come in a variety of types, including a ceiling mount ($749), wall mount ($499) and a floor mount stand (pictured and $949) among others, for nearly any type of patio or outdoor config you can imagine.

This is the kind of tech bling that would impress even the most jaded of humans, and allow you to enjoy your outdoor HDTV surrounded by the peace and tranquility of your garden. They aren’t cheap for sure, but this company specializes in (practically) element-proof HDTV’s and for those who are so inclined, these fit the bill perfectly.

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