How well is the DTV (early switcher) transition going?

February 18, 2009 by  

dtvIt depends on which group you ask really. Some say the early adopter transition has been very smooth, and others say confusion over the new and old ads are creating a wealth of befuddled calls from various analog TV users.

Yesterday, about 30%+ of TV stations switched over to DTV, and the National Association of Broadcasters indicates they’ve received a few hundred calls that were mostly dealt with over the phone. That would be considered a smooth transition by many.

The cutoff date is now June 12th for all analog TV stations to switch to all-digital signals, which will improve both regular SD and HD picture and sound quality, and provide more bandwidth for HDTV channel expansion as well, which is already starting to shift into high gear on some carriers.

Let us know if you were prepared for the switchover and how things went with you, if you’re in an affected area (the full list of stations were published here yesterday).


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