New News Worth Noting: LG announces 42″ and 47″ Bluetooth LCD HDTV models

February 23, 2009 by  

2-23-09-lg_lh70-hdtvLG has unveiled the very newest of their Scarlet line, which will feature built-in Bluetooth, and we’re only hoping they go beyond the shores of South Korea, where they will debut initially.

The LH70 line will be made up of 2 models, both mega-thin: a 42″ and larger 47″ sibling. Each set will have a full host of great specs, including a razor-sharp 100,000:1 contrast ratio, now-standard 120Hz technology, lightning-like 2 millisecond response time, a USB port for connecting all manner of devices to it, and a very cool ambient light thingie to automatically adjust brightness in order to best fit the room and to lower energy usage (many HDTV’s are now including something similar to this as well).

Of course, as is typical with release announcements like this, no word on prices or availability, but we assume the latter will be very soon.

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