Thought: Do consumers care about “Green” HDTVs?

March 3, 2009 by  

greenhdtvThere’s been a new (albeit minor) movement towards more energy efficient or “green” HDTVs of late, and many companies are beginning to jump on the bandwagon of slowly providing less wasteful models to consumers.

Almost every company at CES had a line of energy-sipping TV models, and Energy Star requirements seemed to be more at the forefront of what manufacturers were bragging about. Now of course, being easier on your energy bill adds a bit more to the cost of TVs up front usually, for example: it adds $50 or so for Vizio’s new Eco models over similar panels, and similar amounts for other companies “green” models.

We think price, features and picture quality will be the most important things in the near future for many consumers, but many companies are betting energy usage will be closer to the top of that list at a later point. After all, many products are going “green” these days, and we may see HDTVs join the parade in a big way down the road.

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