Cool Antenna: Panasonic reveals first LCD packing Japanese antenna tech

March 4, 2009 by  

pana_4antenna_030409This picture looks like a typical Panasonic 1366 x 768 LED backlit IPS LCD, right? Not quite. Inside of this HDTV is a world first feature, picking up that distinction because it can go where your external wiring does not go due to its unique antenna built in.

This one can pick up all 12 segments of Japan’s digital TV transmission thanks to that odd-looking rear mounted antenna seen in the rear of that picture (the glowing of it is optional), the model code named TH-L17F1 is ready for Japan’s still upcoming DTV transition (no date set in stone, but its coming soon, we’ve heard). 

Various antenna types aren’t completely new, with a good amount of DVB / ISDB capable antenna floating around (the digital TV type mostly used in Europe and Japan), with tuners capable of grabbing multiple sub channels or more importantly, be able to adapt in particularly bad signal areas, which would in turn improve picture quality and reception in low signal locations.

Will this type of engineering work with ATSC broadcasts in the US? One thing is for sure: Panasonic will port over even more annoying antenna types (and better at picking up digital signals) sooner than we’d like.

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