OLED will rule the HDTV roost by 2011-2013, according to one research company

March 15, 2009 by  

3-14-09-oled-tv-protoWe’ve seen two things so far the last 6 months or so: the slowly emerging OLED prototype TV’s starting to show up at trade shows, and the erosion of the Plasma technology with a number of companies. OLED may be poised to make a big splash in the TV industry in the next few years, according to the industry experts from DisplaySearch.

In 2011, OLED will become lower priced and more mainstream, with a 2013 / 2014 time frame for it to become the de facto norm. The only barrier right now is price, as OLED is more expensive to produce than LCD or Plasma is. Many companies are currently scrambling to put together TV’s that will be able to compete price wise with current technologies, and many put that around mid-2010 or so when those will start to show up in stores.

The prototypes for OLED TV’s are truly breathtaking, from all reports, so this is a welcome development and we can’t wait to see what the big HDTV players have in store for us.


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