Vizio/Funai legal battle nearing end: Vizio may be victorious

March 16, 2009 by  

3-14-09-vizio-hdtvThe legal wrangling between Vizio and Funai we reported the last few weeks may be nearing an end with the latest developments handed down by the court.

A month or so ago, Vizio slapped Funai with an antitrust lawsuit (and tried to get the FCC involved to speed up the process as well), the latest announcement has marked the “final rejection” of all patent claims for Funai, which also backs up and supports Vizio’s lawsuit pretty well.

Quoted from various sources: “…the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a second rejection of all claims in Funai Electric Co.’s United States Patent No. 6,115,074,” which led Vizio officials to state publicly: “Based on this final rejection by the USPTO, we believe that Funai’s ’074 patent will ultimately be deemed invalid.”

Funai has not issued any public statement regarding the matter (and probably won’t) but it basically hands the case over to Vizio in the victory column.


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