Engadget HD Article: Best 30-35″ HDTV user survey

March 18, 2009 by  

2-27-09-lg-plasma-hdtvSo you’re looking for a HDTV for your bedroom or other room where you don’t necessarily need a 55″ monster, and you want to find the best deal on a great TV?

Engadget HD has a new user comment survey with lots of informative responses regarding this question. Should you bother with a 1080p set in this type of size? What size is best for a smaller room? These questions and more are brought up in the comments.

Our own stance has been: buy the best and biggest TV you can afford on your budget, and go 1080p if you can (assuming the TV is 32″ or more; smaller than that, it doesn’t make much difference). Samsung TV’s seem to capture the majority of the commenter’s hearts in this size range, it seems.

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