DisplaySearch Report: Some good news about LCD shipments

March 20, 2009 by  

3-19-09-lcd-panels-shipmentFor the most part lately, news regarding LCD and HDTV shipments has mostly been poor. Today courtesy of DisplaySearch, a firm that reports on TV’s and related fields, is a ray of hope among the darkness.

A DisplaySearch report shows the first increase in total unit shipments (and profits) since September of last year. That’s 7 months or so, folks. That’s a total growth rate (month-over-month) of 23%, with LCD profit margins reaching $2.96 billion.

Of course, laptops and PC monitors outsold TV’s, but not by much really, and that’s very good news for the HDTV industry. As far as companies go, Samsung was the cream of the crop with a pretty impressive 30.2% market share, with LG fairly close behind at 26.8%.

The chart pictured shows the figures for the last few months, and they’re pretty telling for where the market is right now. Look at that Feb ’08 to Jan ’09 drop for PC’s. Ouch.

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