The Race (in the UK) Has a New 2nd place Company: Toshiba

March 20, 2009 by  

toshiba-regza-hdtvThe race is on: Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG and the others all running for top position in the sales rankings. And the one surprisingly gaining the most ground across the pond of late? Would ya believe: Toshiba.

Right before welcoming in a new CEO, the company reported that their numbers regarding TVs are on the rise, and they definitely have high hopes for 2009.

While speaking at Toshiba’s annual preview, the company stated that 12 months ago, Toshiba’s TV business was at itsĀ  lowest point ever, at just 3.4 percent, which was good for more or less last place. They now report they have leaped over Sony for 2nd place in the UK TV marketplace, which is a very solid accomplishment indeed. The only one ahead of them: Samsung, and it doesn’t appear they’ll pass them in the near future, since they have a very solid lead already.

Good for Toshiba; a little good news for these long-time company giants is good news for everyone who loves HDTV.

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