“Monster HDMI” scam still going on in various stores

March 23, 2009 by  

monster-hdmi-composite-scamYes, there are companies that still prey on ignorance and fear, and this is one of those instances…this scam was reported today on Engadget, and it’s a pretty sad one.

It shows a display of HD connected two different ways: one via composite cable, which is an SD quality and rather poor connection for an HD set, and one using HDMI monster cables, which is a whole world different quality wise. The display indicates they’re BOTH HD, just connected using different types of cable, which isn’t exactly true.

Why do companies do this? Probably to sell more (overpriced) Monster Cables, but still…if they’re going to put up a display like this, there has to be full disclosure about the specs/cables involved.

More about this scam, with pics (shown here) in the eye-opening brief article, and the comments that follow mostly confirm customers contempt for this practice.

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