Down Under OLED Joy: Sony XEL-1 headed to Australia

March 26, 2009 by  

sony-xel_1_oled-tv-sideSony’s XEL-1, the first consumer taste of OLED TV to hit shelves, has been distributed pretty much everyone by now, and it ain’t cheap but it’s literally the bleeding edge for flat panel TV displays. It hasn’t made to Australia, for some odd reason…until now.

That sad deficit changes in the middle of next month, as CNET is reporting that Sony will launch its 11″ bundle of HDTV joy in Aussie territory in “mid-April,” or so, with pricing ranging from AU$6,000 ($4,209) to AU$8,000 ($5,612; estimates only at this point).

Call us strange, but prices for OLED displays are just too high at this stage to be really feasable for any but the deepest pockets. Hopefully, as the tech develops, prices will head downward soon.

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