Shattered Dreams: Pioneer plasmas showing up with cracked screens

March 29, 2009 by  

6-25-08-krp600mPioneer needs to hire a new shipping company perhaps? It seems that way, as a high amount of complaints have been pouring in about Pioneer plasma TVs showing up with cracked screens. There’s even threads on several AV sites complaining about the issue, which isn’t a good thing for a high-end product such as this.

The Pioneer KRP-600M is the culprit right now, and on one thread 11 responders have seen their plasma TV arrive with a cracked screen, while 18 received their model in good shape — a really poor ratio to say the least. Hopefully it isn’t the materials or a defective lot, which could really take a bite out of Pioneer’s bottom line.

No big alarm necessary yet, but has anyone else had this trouble?

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