Thought: Does HD need an official definition?

April 4, 2009 by  

hdtv_logoThere’s little doubt that much of what passes for HD isn’t very HD at all (ie 720p isn’t really HD if you look at it side by side with 1080p), but it seems many throw up their hands when it comes to officially defining what makes a signal or TV HD. This is part of what makes the medium so confusing.

Older movies in Blu-Ray, for example, are not HD in our opinion, since they were not sourced in HD originally, needless to say. Some older 1080p HDTV’s also don’t look great, even though they’re true HD.  Yes, the pixels are there, but the decoder is what really matters to the naked eye and subjective appearance quality.

Many say the bitrate per second is what should be HD, or perhaps the quality of the source medium. All agree basic DVD is NOT HD at all, and we agree with that as well.

What would be HD to you, our readers?

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