New News: Hitachi releases details about 11 new Wooo Plasmas/TVs

April 9, 2009 by  

hitachi_ultrathin_xp800_white_040809The unveiling of the 2009 Hitachi Wooo line of panels don’t differ much from their brethren on the outside and share some inside features  (120Hz tech, 250GB HDD equipped models with iVDR slots for more hard drives and Wooonet DLNA network support) but as any HDTV TV fan knows, it’s the inside that counts. And these could give many other companies a run for their money with these specs.

The 4 XP plasmas range from 42″ to 50″ and will feature better contrast ratios, as high as 40,000:1 in one case, with improved colors and energy savings too, as mandated by improvements made by other companies.

The super-thin 35mm / 1.4-inch thick LCDs are back in four cool new models, with UWB connected tuners, auto sensing brightness and green “eco” features too.

The XP line of LCDs has just 3 displays, but like the rest can hook up to the net and interface with Yahoo! Japan’s web TV portal (sadly probably won’t see the light of day when the US versions of these debut later this year).

The XP and Plasmas are scheduled to be available to get our greedy mitts on in Japan in the next month or so, and the ultra-thin line should be debuting around October or so.

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