Samsung Lingo Lesson: Vidification actually means something

April 15, 2009 by  

samsung-ln-t325h-lcd-hdtvSamsung seems very cheery and optimistic for a company in an industry hard hit by the recent tough economic times, but with tech advances right now, they have a reason to be really. If it weren’t for times being so tough, these would be some of the best times for HD and “vidifying” people’s world that ever was.

Yes, “vidification” is a word they’re throwing around, and it means something.

Emphasizing LCDs as the lynchpin of their plans, it also means a heavy push to 16:9 on TVs, laptops or whatever has a video display. High contrast ratios. True 1080p imagery. Stuff that looks “real”.

Buzzwords typically get on our nerves, but recent advances like Blu-Ray players, to HDTVs with cool widgets that interface with the web, edge-lit LED displays, and 240Hz tech (we’ll see when these really come out). Samsung seems like they’re on the cutting edge of many of the video revolutions, so they have reason to be optimistic.

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