Report: LG to release 32″ OLEDs by 2010?

April 20, 2009 by  

lgroadmapoled_041909LG may have Samsung and Sony beat in the OLED wars, it appears; they’re projecting a 32″ OLED HDTV by 2010 or so. That beats their two rival companies by a year or so, and puts them firmly in the driver’s seat for dictating the future of the HD TV format, it would seem.

This “tech road” from DigiTimes is a diagram of how LG and the OLED format have evolved.

They’re saying 15-inch OLEDs by the end of this year, and 32″ to come next? The battle has swung LG’s way for now, but pardon us if we wait and see an actual product on the shelves before a winner is declared; too many times we’ve fallen for false marketing promises on the HD front, only to see delays.


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