Big Time Sponsorship: Sony to supply HDTVs for the new Dallas Cowboys stadium

April 21, 2009 by  

cowboystadiumIn news that should shock no one really (Sony supplies TVs and electronics for many sport stadiums), Sony has signed up as bigtime HDTV sponsor for the Dallas Cowboys football team, and will be installing more than 3,000 LCD HDTVs throughout the shiny brand new stadium.

The entire system which features anywhere from 19″ to huge 70″ monster monitors is RS-232 controlled and workers from the main control room (Sony outfitted of course) can toass any information, video or whatever on any LCD instantly. It’ll be one of the largest setups of its type anywhere in the US.

Of course, even the best HDTVs may not distract from the Texas sized attraction that is the Cowboys, but Sony will rest easy knowing if they are distracted, they’ll be staring at a Sony unit.

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