Lasers, Photonics and Liquid Crystals, Oh My!: Next-gen LCD panels may use lasers

April 21, 2009 by  

liquid-crystal-lasers-20090412-355If you thought Mitsubishi’s LaserVue high-priced but beautiful-screened behemoths were the be-all and end-all in laser usage in HDTV, hold your horses.

Mitsubishi is going on with their line, but the brightness and color depth offered by that HDTV are just the very tip of the iceberg, researchers at the Centre of Molecular Materials and Photonics at the University of Cambridge say. The technology can go even further than Mitsu took them with their LaserVue marvel – and at a cheaper price.

They say that liquid crystals in concert with a single, laser source would give the same gorgeous picture the LaserVue can do, but even more cheaply and more reliably. We think it’ll be awhile before this happens, but it looks like lasers and LCD together will play a big part in your flat panel experience in the future.

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