Maybe it wasn’t such a terrible idea: DTV readiness now at 96+ percent

May 2, 2009 by  

dtvswitchdateSure enough, many folks have gone out and gotten those DTV converters or switched to cable/satellite, as people are wont to do when the pressure is on. People who don’t won’t be able to watch TV anymore, period, starting on June 12 (and sooner for some areas).

Based on the latest statistics, more than 96% of homes are now digital ready in one form or another, which is a nice jump. Now the unready rate stands at 3.1%, which is about 3 million homes or so. Those folks still have another month or so to get ready, so it looks like this date will stick as the final countdown to an all-DTV universe continues.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope no more intervention happens.

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