Blu-Ray releases for this week: The trend is good

May 20, 2009 by  

b001fb4w1601_sx352_sclzzzzzzz_v251556140_The trend is definitely up when it comes to Blu-Ray and new releases for the platform, and all it takes is looking at this week’s releases to confirm this fact. It heralds good things for the future of pure HD as a platform to watch movies.

The highlights of this weeks schedule: Valkyrie, the Tom Cruise movie, the release of Terminator 2 in a special version (to celebrate the release of the new Terminator movie in theaters), the TV series True Blood and 24 in new editions for Blu-Ray, and releases of modern classics Changing Lanes (underrated movie) and the Tim Burton ‘Batman’.

So welcome to the revolution of Blu-Ray; the time is now, it seems. More releases here.

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