Another Nail In the Coffin?: LG shuts A1 Plasma TV plant

May 25, 2009 by  

5-20-07-lg_plasmaSome were shocked when Sony and Vizio decided to cut back or eliminate their Plasma TV production, but it appears LG may be the 4th major TV company to cut back on their Plasma manufacturing, with the recent announcement of their A1 plant closing.

Reportedly, LG is shutting down its oldest plasma manufacturing plant in South Korea, hoping to reportedly: “increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.” Sounds good from a business standpoint, but it bodes rather poorly for Plasma as a medium down the road.

The closing of the A1 plant will reduce its plasma production capacity from 430,000 to 360,000 panels, but on the converse side, it will save the company dollars: to the tune of $22 million and $32 million per year or so.

LG is second in moving Plasma units overall, but we can’t say that life in the Plasma world is looking too great right now.


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