Colors and More Colors: The JVC 42″ LT-42WX70 LCD HDTV

May 26, 2009 by  

jvc-lt-42wx70-small2Back at CES time, JVC seemed quite proud to show off the rainbow of its LT-42WX70 back at CES, with its huge color palette and ultra-bright screen. Graphics professionals will more than likely flock to this new model.

Colors seems to be the area that JVC is targeting with their recent models, along with bringing panel brightness to new levels of eye-searing joy.

Titled the Xiview LT-42WX7, its a 42″ flat panel with built-in 120Hz dejutter stuff and 1080p panel which, as we said, targets image junkies and those where color clarity is vitally important.

This display can show an amazing 96%of the Adobe RGB color spectrum, making it great for pro level image editing. All you need is $2,399.95 to get on the big color train.

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