Tuesday’s Tempting HDTV Deals

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hot-dealsWith no further delay we present today’s HDTV deals and (almost) steals:

Newegg.com – How about the LG 42LGX 42” Super-Slim 1080p LCD HDTV for $999.99 – with free shipping. Nice deal on a great TV that’s been established and well received, and will fit in pretty much anywhere.

AbtElectronics.com – How about a really big TV for a nice price – complete with great reviews? This one delivers – The Sony BRAVIA 52” 1080p LCD HDTV for $2126.00 with free shipping too. No way to beat that!

Thanks for joining us for this round-up, and we’ll see you back here soon.

Low Cost 1080p: Hannspree 25″ 1080p HDTV

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myphoto-141080p has usually been very expensive in the past, usually a 25% premium or so over 720p. Well, that gap has closed the last few months or so, and it closed pretty quickly with this new release from Hannspree.

Hannspree has just announced its new 25″ HDTV for the US market (after being available overseas for awhile). This very budget-friendly units supports 1080p and a 2ms response time, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and very solid viewing angles.

It also includes two HDMI ports and a PC audio jack, along with other connectors, so its pretty complete. The ST251MKB will be soon be available at retail (starting at Costco) for $399, which is among the lowest for a 1080p this size.

Monday’s HDTV Deals

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buydigYet more amazing deals for your eye-popping joy. BuyDig is our focus today, as they’re offering some great buys:

BuyDig.com – A Panasonic 32” VIERA C12 LCD HDTV – Black for $444.95 with free shipping as well. Yes, this is one of the better deals we’ve come across for a TV with these specs.

BuyDig.com has an LG 42” 720p Plasma HDTV for $799.95 – $180.95 Instant Discount through our link provided here = $619.00 with free shipping. Can’t beat that, folks! LG makes some of the better Plasmas out there right now.

Enjoy the HDTV deal feast and we’ll see you here again tomorrow.

The Flip Side Of Good: This week’s Blu-Ray releases

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12_roundsWell, we’ve been bragging about how strong the recent Blu-Ray release weeks have been. This week is the exception, perhaps, with one of the weakest slate of movies we’ve yet seen on the docket.

The “highlight” being a John Cena film, 12 Rounds, that was released to rather mediocre reviews and Do The Right Thing, the fairly cool Spike Lee movie from some years back. The rest of the schedule this week is rather underwhelming. BR needs to do better with this if they intend to knock DVD off the throne any time soon.

Well, at least the theaters are showing some good stuff this right now.

Here’s the full release report.

Sunday’s HDTV Deals

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9251481_sbHere’s our deals for this fine Sunday:

6ave.com – One of the better reviewed TVs out there right now, the Sharp Aquos 40″ 1080p 120Hz LC-40E77U LCD HDTV for $868 – 5% off with the Sleuth supplied coupon code “AFL5” + free shipping = $825 total. That’s a little chunk for a big HDTV you’ll enjoy for many years.

BestBuy.com – How about a nice deal on a LG 47” 1080p LCD Full HDTV – Black for $997.99 with free shipping too. That’s a lotta TV for a small price, and LG always makes very solid TV sets.

Have a great Sunday, and we’ll see you on the flip side next week.

MTV: What happened to HD music videos?

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mtv-logo1515MTV used to be the leader in music videos, and at one time was a true pioneer in the medium. No longer, we say.

Look at MTV’s treatment of HD, for example. Why don’t they (or VH1 HD as well) ever air simulcast HD music videos? It would be a shock to learn they actually still aired music videos, many aren’t in HD at the same time as their SD brethren, and that’s pretty sad indeed.

MTV steadfastly refuses to release any real details of precisely which shows will be broadcast in high definition and at the exact times, and their Palladia channel has just become an endless loop of the same 12 concerts over and over again.

Even YouTube is ahead of MTV in terms of HD music videos, which is a crying shame given what MTV meant to the medium at one time. Hopefully, they get their act together soon.

Saturday HDTV Deals and Steals

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hot_dealsSome great deals to run by all of you once again:

BestBuy.com – Store brands can save you a lot of money with a variety of items, and that includes TVs. For example, the Insignia NSLTDVD1909 19” 720p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV/DVD Combo for $239.99 + free In-Store delivery.  Great combo item at a great price.

BuyDig.com – LG always makes a solid TV, and here’s a LG 50” 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV for $1599.95 – $420 Instant Discount through our link = $1179.95 with free shipping too. Hard to beat that!

Thanks for looking and have a great Saturday.

Sighting: The Panasonic Z1 Ultra-Thin Wireless HDTV

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2009-06-25pannyz1As reported by Engadget, the Panasonic super-thin Z1 wireless HDTV was seen sitting out at a San Jose Magnolia store just today.  Not for sale yet, but its only a matter of time once it goes out on display, right?

The picture, as seen in an earlier story we reported, was quite extraordinary and the wireless functionality was working quite well and with only a 1″ profile it makes a striking figure, but with a suggested retail price of $6,000, we’re not sure how big of a seller it will be.

No notes on its “official” availability, but it should be very soon, based on previous reports.

Speaking of Sharp: LCD panels banned from US import?

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6-25-09sharppatentIt appears Samsung won an important victory (for now) against Sharp: The US International Trade Commission has just issued a ruling banning import of Sharp LCD panels that infringe on one of Samsung’s viewing-angle patents, preventing them from being imported to the US. As you might think, this could be a bit of a blow to Sharp’s bottom line in the short term.

This ban covers a wide array of Sharp’s consumer products in the US, including their famous and popular Aquos TV line, but will it affect other companies that use Sharp panels? We’re not sure, this could create a huge wave of chaos in the US consumer electronics market.

They claim they’ve reworked some models being shipped already, so it may only be a temporary setback, but a setback nonetheless.

Needless to say, Sharp’s lawyers are probably drafting a delay of the ban or an appeal as we speak, so the legal wrangling is probably in its infancy right now. We’ll keep you updated on the news as it breaks.

Offically Official deal done: Pioneer/Sharp Blu-Ray venture

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sharp_pioneerWe actually reported on this happening soon a few months ago, but now we’re receiving word that this joint venture has completed setup, and is official. Officially.

Pioneer and Sharp have finalized their long-talked about deal to combine both of their Blu-ray operations together, completing the joint agreement planned since Pioneer started slowly exiting out of the Plasma business.

The PDF here has all the details and geeky info, but the important points are as follows: Pioneer will hold 66% ownership and 3 of 5 seats on the big wig board of the 450-employee venture, which is planned to start up October 1st. Its goal will be to develop new disc technologies and players, mostly Blu-Ray.

All of this means lower priced players and better technology for HDTVs in the long term, two things we’re quite fond of at Screen Sleuth.

Wednesday’s HDTV Deals ‘n Steals

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9222646_sbYet another installment of Screen Sleuth’s HDTV deals begins:

Newegg – How about a nice deal on a HDTV with some very solid stats: The Honeywell Altura ML MT-HWJCT42B3AB 42″ 1080p LCD HDTV for $650 with free shipping as well. Hard to beat this one.

BestBuy.com – A nice Sony for under $500? Count us in! Best Buy has the Sony KDL32L5000 32” LCD Flat Panel HDTV With Digital Tuner for $497.99 + free In-Store Delivery too. Well-reviewed and light on the wallet.

Thanks for tuning us in and have a very happy Wednesday.

SD Dreams: Cell intros HDTV that can record to SD memory cards

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cello-freeview-sd-hdtvWe’ll apologize in advance to those in Asia and North America: this unique unit is to be sold in the European market only (for now, anyway), but we know the technology exists and is alive and well. If it does well, we’re sure it’ll spread to other territories.

In the UK, one Cello Electronics has released the first HDTV that records regular content directly to an SD memory card, giving users an easy option for moving content to other players or to save for archival purposes, which is very cool indeed.

The set itself has twin TV tuners, split-screen feature and a built-in DVD player too; sizes include 22-, 26- and 32-inch models. Sadly, you’ll be stuck with 1,440 x 900 resolution and no HDMI connection, but for those who aren’t concerned with those omissions starting next month you can grab these for £399.99 ($661) or £469.99 ($777) respectively.

Tuesday’s Tantalizing HDTV Deals

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602507More great HDTV deals to spice up your Tuesday:

B&H Photo Video – How’s $500 savings grab you? Here’s a Panasonic TCP46S1 46” VIERA 1080p Plasma HDTV for $1499.95 – $509 Instant Discount (add to cart to see the full savings) = $990.95 with free shipping too. Amazing deal on a fine HDTV.

BuyDig.com – Yet another low priced side room HDTV marvel from SS: The Toshiba 26” 720p Widescreen LCD HDTV for $343.95 with free shipping as well. Wow, that’s a deal!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

Planning the Future: Vizio readying internet-connected line of HDTVs

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vizio_connected_062309VIZIO recently showed off new updates in its high end XVT series, but it’s already planning out the next generation of their now famous LCDs with VIZIO Internet Apps included on the next series. Widgets, here they come.

These units will feature 802.11n wireless networking and slider Bluetooth remote, the SV422XVT, SV472XVT and VF552XVT HDTVs are coming home in November, October and December, respectively. And they look to be really set the bar for widget-connected HDTVs both in features and price. Vizio has really come up in the world.

Partners lined up already are enough to make anyone excited: Vudu, Revision3, Facebook, Twitter, Rhapsody, Blockbuster OnDemand, Showtime, Flickr and more as yet unannounced.

The biggest shock? Very little to no price increase with these new models, with the 55-inch selling for the same $2,199 price as the previous model, the only jump being the 47-inch, which will move up $200 over the previous model to $1,699, while adding the LED backlit technology previously only on the 55-inch for good measure.

The 42-inch will be the first model released and checks in at a pretty frugal $1,199 — how that sells may determine the future of net-connected HDTVs (at least as far as the mass market potential goes).

Monday Blues?: HDTV Deals

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0060958516378_215x215Got those Monday Blues? Fight them with our great HDTV deals from Wal-Mart:

Walmart.com – Low price, nice unit. Grab a RCA 32” 720p LCD HDTV for $378.00 + free In-Store Pickup too. Heck of a deal for a nice set.

Walmart.com – If the RCA doesn’t tickle you, how about a Philips 42” 1080P LCD HDTV With Digital Tuner for $798.00 + free Pickup as well. Nice size for any room, and especially for a 1080p from a major company.

Check these out and enjoy some great HDTV viewing without denting your wallet. See you tomorrow!

Blu-Ray: Is the War over already?

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blu-ray-discReading the comments to this report on Engadget HD got us thinking: Is the war already over, and Blu-Ray lost? It seems like there has to be something to take over for DVD on HD TVs, but maybe Blu-Ray isn’t it. It is struggling to get over 10% adoption rate, even among HDTV owners, so maybe the war is already lost.

Many feel that Sony won due to side deals and studio collusion, not real consumer choice. I can (sorta) buy that, but the fact is: if people really wanted HD DVD and felt it had a huge advantage over Blu-Ray, it would still be around, in one form or the other. They didn’t and its gone.

One thing that has to happen: The retail prices of BR movies have to come down for it to have any real chance in the mass marketplace to be truly embraced. The $25-$30 mark, even for older movies, is just too high. Especially these days with double-digit unemployment and a struggling economy all over the world.

Not to mention streaming/downloadable media is starting to inflence people’s decision making process in regards to physical discs. That may serve to hurt BR more in the long run than anything else.

Sunday HDTV Deals

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amazing-dealsWith no further ado, we present the Sunday HDTV deals:

BestBuy.com – Not a bad deal: The Proscan 40” 1080p LCD HDTV for $499.99 + free In-Store Pickup too.  Very solid deal here for any room in the house.

Abes of Maine – We present a Panasonic TH58PZ800U 58” 1080p Plasma HDTV for $1895.55 – $10 off coupon code we provide for you “FRIEND10″ (Expires 12/31/2009) = $1885.55 with free shipping too. Great deal on one of the best Plasma units out there right now.

Have a great Sunday and we’ll see you next week.

HDTV TV Listings Info

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755596_f520It’s a fact: HDTV is slowly taking over the airwaves of the many major cable networks. It’s proven tonight with a pretty fine lineup of TV shows for all tastes.

Want sports? Baseball on ESPN features Dodgers vs. Angels in the freeway series. Want original network shows? NBC premieres Merlin in 1080i res tonight, or ABC has Impact debuting tonight (part 1 of 2).

HBO’s True Blood airs a new episode tonight, and Law & Order: CI is doing the same, followed by In Plain Sight, a popular well made crime series with a different perspective.

It’s a feast of fine television, all in HDTV. Read more listings here.

Saturday Evening HDTV Deals

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hotdealsiconHere they are, the deals of the weekend, and they’re just as bright as ever:

Newegg.com – How’s about an LG 42LGX 42” 1080p LCD HDTV for $999.99 with free shipping as well. LG makes a solid unit that works well; what else could you ask for? Great price.

6ave.com – Another great deal on a nice side bedroom TV: The Toshiba 32” 720p LCD HDTV for $444.00 with free shipping too. Hard to beat that on a well-reviewed unit!

Keep coming back and saving with Screen Sleuth, your source for the best HDTV deals and news anywhere on the web.

Harris Poll: Not much interest in Blu-Ray, or is there?

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harrisblu-raypoll_061909The Harris company is a polling operation that polls a few thousand people about various topics and publishes them as a total summary of answers to a question, which doesn’t always lead to the most accurate results.

For example this poll about people interested in technology and what they own, and breakdowns in various earnings categories (hey look, people with more money have more gadgets..amazing!).

It indicates there isn’t many people interested in Blu-Ray players, but among those with HDTVs, we know that not to be true at all. We know the interest there is growing at a steady pace.

The press release that uses HD DVD to refer both to the dead format and all high def media as a whole at the same time leaves something to be desired in the accuracy department more than likely, while showing that HD DVD player sales are up at the same level as Blu-Ray (not likely for a dead format).

And the number of people planning to switch to Blu-Ray is down over last year by 2%? Not likely. Read this one with a grain of salt, we think.

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