Happy Joy Joy: Samsung’s SID 2009 booth uncovering many treasures

June 2, 2009 by  

090602-sammydisplay-01If you’re a big HDTV/display fan (and if you’re not, odds are you wouldn’t be reading this), then this news should make your ears perk up: The Samsung booth at SID 2009 has been generating big news, from monster new LCD displays to news on the OLED front, and other fun stuff.

First off, the aforementioned “monster”: the “world’s first” true 240Hz full HD 55-inch LCD display they displayed recently.  It both looks and sounds pretty amazing, which shouldn’t be shock.

The company is also displaying a brand spankin’ new 10.1-inch LCD for netbooks – eco-friendly style – with 50% less power usage without skimping on resolution and a 1366 x 768 resolution.

Also coming is a new 4-inch qVGA TFT-LCD made using a ultra-fancy new printable semiconductor process, but no specific details are forthcoming there.

The future for TV looks very bright for Samsung, if these products are any indication.

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