We Like Obama: There will be no more DTV delays

June 5, 2009 by  

president_officialWe know a few of you out there were just wondering if there are going to be any more last minute DTV date switcheroos or surprises. Well, President Obama released a statement saying there will be no more delays in this switchover, and to let everyone who knows about DTV and all the info make sure to tell those who might not.

With all the ads and such bombing the airwaves, can there really be people who don’t know? How about you, our readers? Anyone out there still in the dark about the switchover? We can’t possibly imagine this, but we suppose there are a few who might not be fully aware of the implications of the switch. No excuses or delays; it’s going to happen.

Now a week to go, and ticking. We can’t wait.

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