Harris Poll: Not much interest in Blu-Ray, or is there?

June 21, 2009 by  

harrisblu-raypoll_061909The Harris company is a polling operation that polls a few thousand people about various topics and publishes them as a total summary of answers to a question, which doesn’t always lead to the most accurate results.

For example this poll about people interested in technology and what they own, and breakdowns in various earnings categories (hey look, people with more money have more gadgets..amazing!).

It indicates there isn’t many people interested in Blu-Ray players, but among those with HDTVs, we know that not to be true at all. We know the interest there is growing at a steady pace.

The press release that uses HD DVD to refer both to the dead format and all high def media as a whole at the same time leaves something to be desired in the accuracy department more than likely, while showing that HD DVD player sales are up at the same level as Blu-Ray (not likely for a dead format).

And the number of people planning to switch to Blu-Ray is down over last year by 2%? Not likely. Read this one with a grain of salt, we think.

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