Planning the Future: Vizio readying internet-connected line of HDTVs

June 23, 2009 by  

vizio_connected_062309VIZIO recently showed off new updates in its high end XVT series, but it’s already planning out the next generation of their now famous LCDs with VIZIO Internet Apps included on the next series. Widgets, here they come.

These units will feature 802.11n wireless networking and slider Bluetooth remote, the SV422XVT, SV472XVT and VF552XVT HDTVs are coming home in November, October and December, respectively. And they look to be really set the bar for widget-connected HDTVs both in features and price. Vizio has really come up in the world.

Partners lined up already are enough to make anyone excited: Vudu, Revision3, Facebook, Twitter, Rhapsody, Blockbuster OnDemand, Showtime, Flickr and more as yet unannounced.

The biggest shock? Very little to no price increase with these new models, with the 55-inch selling for the same $2,199 price as the previous model, the only jump being the 47-inch, which will move up $200 over the previous model to $1,699, while adding the LED backlit technology previously only on the 55-inch for good measure.

The 42-inch will be the first model released and checks in at a pretty frugal $1,199 — how that sells may determine the future of net-connected HDTVs (at least as far as the mass market potential goes).


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