MTV: What happened to HD music videos?

June 28, 2009 by  

mtv-logo1515MTV used to be the leader in music videos, and at one time was a true pioneer in the medium. No longer, we say.

Look at MTV’s treatment of HD, for example. Why don’t they (or VH1 HD as well) ever air simulcast HD music videos? It would be a shock to learn they actually still aired music videos, many aren’t in HD at the same time as their SD brethren, and that’s pretty sad indeed.

MTV steadfastly refuses to release any real details of precisely which shows will be broadcast in high definition and at the exact times, and their Palladia channel has just become an endless loop of the same 12 concerts over and over again.

Even YouTube is ahead of MTV in terms of HD music videos, which is a crying shame given what MTV meant to the medium at one time. Hopefully, they get their act together soon.

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