“Green” Report: A Tour of Panasonic’s Flat Panel Recycling Center

July 3, 2009 by  

panasonic_recycle_0703091More and more companies are becoming aware of the “green” factor in their presentations, and Panasonic is among those companies obviously, judging from this tour of a recycling plant where old TVs are turned into useful goods once again.

Courtesy of AV Watch, a tech blog (and Google Translate), we present a tour through one of Panasonic’s recycling facilities, where the latest breakthrough uses lasers to separate the front and rear glass of CRTs, allowing for three times faster processing, thus cheaper costs and more incentive for companies to recycle, a good thing for our fragile planet.

Some of these gadgets look like they should’ve been recycled long ago, as a humorous aside.

Here’s the report: Link

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