Overseas HD Report: British Blu-Ray sales shoot up 231%

July 3, 2009 by  

blu-ray-discHey, the British seem to be appreciating the benefits of Blu-Ray and HDTV a lot more now, it appears, claiming 3.1 million discs sold since the beginnig of 2009.

Still, even with a huge 231% jump over last year’s figures, that hasn’t made up for a 9.5% drop in sales of DVDs overall, as even over the pond they’re discovering the wonders of downloading and streaming content. Over 900 small retailers there have closed over the past year, making the US economic woes appear feeble by comparison.

Even with consumers “continuing to spend money on the product” once they’ve seen it, according to BVA director general Lavinia Carey, expect even companies to start jumping on the download bandwagon to combat piracy and declining overall sales.

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