Big Plans Scuttled?: Sony may put off OLED plans until next year

August 17, 2009 by  

sony-drive-xel-1_001Remember when we said fancy, bigger new OLED screens were coming from Sony soon? Well, according to released Wall Street Journal sources, the company has delayed their venture into OLED for a bit due to slipping sales.

They were shocked at their inability to sell $2,500 11″ OLED sets (can’t imagine why), CEO Howard Stringer has decided to delay the rollout of OLED screens to focus in reducing the cost of existing LCD screens and getting more units into Wal-Mart. A slightly sad day for HDTV lovers.

Now that LG has announced similar plans for next year, only Samsung remains as our OLED hope for this year, but we aren’t holding our collective breaths for that to happen at this point.

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