Round 2 – Plasma vs. LCD: Plasma emerges as a surprise winner

August 21, 2009 by  

20090718-lcd_vs_plasma_smWho knew? We wish we could say we did, but we didn’t — the second quarter of 2009, Plasma was the only big screen (40″ or higher) TV technology to show growth in the US market. We’ve always said in some ways Plasma was superior, but this we didn’t expect.

Compared to the first quarter of the year, plasma was + 31% in volume and 35% in earnings according to research firm Quixel’s report. That a big boost, by any standards.

Take the much-covered DTV transition and add in the slipping economic climate, and you have the perfect storm for decent looking 720p, 42″ sets to increase 40% in sales overall.

We like Plasma as a technology, but we also know this could be a short-lived comeback as LCDs continue to mature technologically and dominate the bottom line price wise, but it is good to know people are using their eyes to judge a TV’s value and not just the price tag.

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