Acceptance: Japan lagging in Blu-Ray availability?

August 24, 2009 by  

tsutayajapan_chronovoreA Reuters blog posting from Japan states that Blu-ray DVR sales are strong, yet movie discs have been hard to find in rental stores and larger retailers, perhaps indicating that Japan’s support of BR isn’t as strong as it could be yet. This is a little alarming, even if not surprising; even their economy is struggling a bit, and prices aren’t cheap for BR discs and burners.

With Redbox and Netflix posting strong results this past quarter in the US,  it’s likely video rental stores here don’t have a complete report yet. Any readers here want to report if this is true in US rental stores? Is Blu-Ray being embraced by all the major/minor stores yet here in the states? It seems even Wal-Mart is pushing BR more strongly than ever, so it may be very different at the retail level.

Post your thoughts.

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