Go Green, Get a Better Picture Too: THX suggests calibrating HDTVs to save the world

September 2, 2009 by  

20090901-thx-greenThe multimedia wizards with THX and Lucasfilm have offically suggested that one way to save electricity (and thus, the environment) is to calibrate your HDTV very carefully when you get it. Most TVs are set to 100% contrast right out of the box, costing you money.

Videophiles have always known about this, but we’re hoping that THX can bring this message to everyone: TVs shouldn’t double as tanning lamps and room heaters.

How about a 15 – 50% energy savings for a good reason to try this out? Simply activating the THX adjustments screens built into some DVDs is enough to save you $50-100 a year on your power bill (and get a better overall picture too), and that should be incentives enough for anyone.

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