Reviewed: The Sony 400-disc Blu-Ray Disc Changer

September 2, 2009 by  

400-disc-sony-blu-ray-changerPeople are lazy. It’s a fact, and gadget makers know it too. Exhibit A: the Sony 400-disc Blu-Ray changer recently reviewed by Electronic House. It’s $1,900, its huge, and you’ll basically never need to change discs again, pretty much. An HDTV lovers dream, perhaps.

The review highlights: video quality was rated “excellent” and on-screen navigation was very easy; basically, the setup is pretty much plug ‘n play, which is how it should be, really these days.

On the other hand, no Netflix and DLNA integration, no WiFi, or even built-in for BD-Live functionality might be gamebreakers for some.

Do you, our readers, think you’ll eve own 400 BR discs? Is this something you would ever consider buying? Read the complete review here: Link


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