Blu-Ray Technology: TDK to create recordable 10 layer, 320GB disc

October 2, 2009 by  

tdk_320gb_ceatecWe’ve heard about 100GB and 200GB Blu-ray discs as real-life products, but TDK is reportedly looking even beyond that, ready to display 320GB ten-layer platters at the electronic trade show CEATEC 2009 that can even be used with current blue laser technology. It could change the way we record HD content using Blu-Ray discs forever.

Now, there isn’t any concrete timeframe on any of this being released, but we figure with BR recorders coming to the states in greater numbers very soon, its only a matter of time before stuff like this starts to trickle into the marketplace, and make HD recording in larger, portable disc sizes a reality.

We can’t wait.

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